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Monk and Moon Newsletter

Leo Season/August 2018

Looking ahead: Leo season

Cancer season brought us deeper into the home base of our being. The Moon-ruled sign of the crab asks us: what are my deepest emotional needs and how do I relate to the idea of safety and security in my life? The lunar side of ourselves is steadily seeking emotional nourishment in order to feel that we have a secure foundation from which to express ourselves. The question is, do we rely on tangible outer markers of success, or depend on financial or material security in order to feel nourished? Or do we seek nurturance from a deeper and less changeable aspect of our lives, such as our spiritual relationship to self and reality? Ultimately, the lunar side of our nature is craving a feeling of familiarity and safety that cannot be sourced from the outside world in any dependable way. Just as the Moon phases from fresh birth to full power and back, so our experience of external circumstances will wax and wane, and will cause us much distress if we rely too heavily on unchanging familiarity for our sense of well-being.

Stepping into the Sun-ruled sign of Leo means that we have to shed our comfort based manoeuver through life in order to express the light of our solar nature, the truth of our soul. Inside the heart space, ruled by the courageous and generous spirit of the sign Leo, we find our connection to the divine Self and to spirit, which operates and animates the essence of our being. It is our duty to honour the uniqueness and radiance of that essence as freely as possible as we move forward in our journey of self-realization. This is what the lion asks of us in this warm season of play, love, shamelessness, freedom, romance and creativity.

The fusion of the Sun and Moon (ruling Leo and Cancer, respectively) means working to find a solid foundation of emotional stability from the spiritual fountain within in order to fully express our light in the outer world. The purification of the emotional landscape in this way transforms reactivity and conditioned responses into the intuitive force, which is able to guide the soul/Sun nature of our being into a heart-centered awareness of our interconnectedness with all things. The universe wants us to be exactly who we are, and will support our steps in the direction towards taking responsibility for the expression of our authentic self. Often we need to shed what we feel we require for comfort in order to do this, and adopt an attitude of light-heartedness and playfulness enface the journey. This is Leo energy at its best.

 Lunar cycles

We have two eclipses occurring during Leo season. Get ready to shift and integrate more of the lessons brought up by the last eclipse season, which occurred in the month of February.

July 27th: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

When eclipses occur, it is said that the Lunar Nodes have swallowed the Sun and/or Moon. These events are very symbolic as they bring together the orbits of the Sun, Moon and Earth, whose crossing of paths create karmically charged points in the sky, otherwise known as the Lunar Nodes.

The signs of Leo and Aquarius question our relationship as unique individuals to the human family. How do we come together collectively to honour our freedom to express differently as individuals? How can we move towards a brighter and more heart-illuminated future of relating to one another on the community level of our cities and in the greater global collective? Perhaps we have moved too much into the hierarchy of our socio-cultural way of ranking one another, and need to move more steadfastly into the notion of each person being given the freedom to take up equal space and shine as brightly as his neighbour. These two signs are about the freedom to assume the singularity of one’s identity, and the space and playfulness required to take on the personal journey of becoming. We sometimes expect the shifts in consciousness we desire to come out of a collective movement, without realizing that the collective is made up of individuals who each have to take ownership and responsibility of their own lives, hearts, and journeys if we are to progress together united and unique in our contributions to the whole. We are being asked to commit more fully to our process of self-realization so we can bring our ideals to life for the benefit of humanity.

August 11th: New Moon/partial Solar Eclipse in Leo

Leo is associated to royalty, kings and those with powers of prestige or status over others. This New Moon comes into a square with Jupiter, also connected with kings and kingdoms, but said to be the benevolent leader that bestows blessing and rules through spiritual right of way. There is a message here around the leaders and those in positions of power in our human family. What are the politics of right rulership and right relationship of those in power to the collective? Where does pride, ego, excessiveness, instilling false optimism, and taking advantage of one’s status express itself too strongly in our current hierarchical setup? Similarly, we can look at where our egos are getting in the way of fair and spiritual rulership over our own personal kingdoms, or where our lack of faith is making it more difficult for us to create an authentic kingdom of our own. Knowing ourselves is the first beck and call. How have we played a role in allowing the current system to progress the way it has, and how do we individually make a difference in the destiny of our singular lives in order to change the collective establishment we are under? Choose to be the leader of your own journey and you will find you can create much more than you had once expected. Coming together as leaders means we are under the rule of our own sovereignty, and that is a much stronger setup.


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