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Monk and Moon Newsletter

Virgo Season 2018

By Ines Heals

Looking ahead: Virgo season

Leo season brought us deeper into our personal truth in a way that allowed for radical self-acceptance of our unique mission and aligned us with greater courage and strength to uplift our continued progress on the path. The eclipses that accompanied Leo season served to bring this point home even further, and also stressed the importance of sharing our creative gifts with our community and broader yet, with the entire human family. As the sunny, open and shameless energy of Leo takes us into Virgo, a mutable Earth sign, we are asked to find a tangible vessel for our self-expression, and to ground the creative energy we’ve just been given access to.

Virgo heralds the coming of cooler temperatures in the Northern hemisphere, and so brings a sobering quality to our fiery experience of summer. It is a sign concerned with efficiency, productivity, and the ability to adapt quickly through a discriminatory thought process. This sign is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, learning, and intellect, and focuses our energy in the arena of thought, allowing us to project thought forms and create from them, bringing structure and discipline to the free-form expression of its preceding sign, Leo.

Earth seasons encourage us to organize ourselves and apply our skills to generate tangible results in the outer world. We are asked to balance play with work, and to streamline our workflow so that it allows us to move with great agility and precision from the birth of an idea to its physical manifestation. This focus on proper flow also extends to our Earthly forms: our bodies. Virgo calls for greater purity in diet and lifestyle, so that we are properly grounded and able to generate results uninterrupted by the pains associated to a physical body that is not being properly cared for.

Lunar cycles

August 26th: Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces illuminates a grand Earth trine between the Sun, Uranus and Saturn, which is exact on the 25th of August. A grand trine implies an accelerated rate of movement and harmony in the areas of experience affected by the planets and element involved. A grand Earth trine blesses us with facilitated progress in the areas of work, finances, career growth, and materialization of our desires. After a long summer alongside retrograding Mars, it hasn’t exactly been easy to observe our efforts translated into immediate progress. Luckily, Mars is stationing direct on the 27th, immediately following the Full Moon, and together with the grand Earth trine we can take this as a very positive omen of the more visible fruition of our efforts.

The axis of Virgo-Pisces calls us to self-reflection and spiritual development, and provides a great opportunity for us to take note of the ways that we have grown and liberated ourselves from karma throughout these intense summer months. You’ve worked hard to stay mindful and to heal the wounds that were salted by so many eclipses and retrogrades. Now is the time to recognize your efforts and feel good about your awakening. You’ve transformed and are ready to take on a new season with confidence and grace.

September 9th: New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo makes two notable aspects: a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, and an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. As with the Full Moon, there is a decidedly spiritual and even reclusive quality to this time, as we retreat into our imaginative force and take note of our progress on the path. It is possible we will feel a greater sensitivity and attunement to suffering during this Moon, both to our own pain and to the pain and suffering of the collective. It is important we stay present with this feeling instead of trying to escape. Meditation, yoga and other activities that tune us into our feeling nature and allow us to access the experience of transcendence are important during this time.

The trine to Pluto suggests that this Moon brings in the positive alliance of transformative forces that support our journey of personal empowerment. This is a great time to clean out the crevices of your psyche and let go of any resentments, negative feelings and destructive behavioral patterns that are creating greater conflict in your life. Pluto says that we can only step into our power through purging and aligning ourselves to a feeling of inner lightness that makes navigating difficult situations much easier. This process can only take place when we recognize there is purpose to our pain and begin to integrate it into our conscious experience. Your power is the power of limitless potential, but in order to embody that power, you are asked to rid yourself of the fears, limiting beliefs and insecurities that have been accumulated from unprocessed painful experiences. Happily, this Moon provides cosmic support to that end!

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Ines Heals is an Esoteric Astrologer, Reiki Practitioner, and Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner based in Montreal, Canada. Her healing practice focuses on the development of profound self-knowledge to empower clients on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, so that they can move forward in alignment with their divine purpose and authentic life path. You can book an astrology reading with her or check out what other services and products she has to offer via and follow @ines.heals for daily guidance from the stars!


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