Crystal & Mineral Compositions

Effective immediately, these guidelines are considered part of our Terms & Conditions for our website.  By placing an order with us, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions without hesitation.

Before making a purchase, we strongly suggest that the buyer research each mineral and/or crystal to ensure they are fully educated regarding any potential risk for toxicity or other potential allergic or other reaction that may happen while handling crystal or mineral specimens purchased from this website.

As a general rule, we only try to  provide crystals and minerals for purchase which have been deemed safe to handle on a regular basis; however, it is virtually impossible to know the entire chemical composition of every mineral or crystal; therefore, we cannot be held liable for any risk or danger that may exist while handling any crystal or mineral specimen purchased from this website

We do not recommend or endorse creating gemstone elixirs, which involve placing gemstones, crystals or minerals directly into water for consumption!

There are many resources that can be used to help research crystals and minerals and hope that each of our customers will make an educated decision before making any purchase from us.

By making a purchase from our website, the buyer agrees that they have read and understand this policy, and agree that the owners of this website are not responsible for any potential risk or danger involved with handling crystals or minerals and cannot be held liable for any adverse reaction resulting from handling any crystal or mineral specimen purchased through this website or any other means.

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