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Pocket Stones

Online Crystal Shop - We offer a broad selection of polished pocket stones in many crystal varieties from all over the world.

Pocket stones are designed to be portable and handled often which is why they are called pocket stones.  Carrying a pocket stone allows easy access to your crystal companion of choice whenever and wherever you may need some crystal support! 

Since pocket stones are flat, they also make a great tool to use during crystal healing or meditation sessions, as they lay flat on the surface of the body without rolling off like tumbled crystals are prone to do.  Pocket stones also feel good to hold in your hand, which is why they are also referred to as worry stones.  Rubbing a pocket stone during stressful times can help soothe the nerves and provide relief to stress or other anxiety triggers.

Many pocket stones are hand polished, which means that most likely that the raw material was hand selected by expert artisans and was cut and polished to bring out the best quality of the crystal.  You can't go wrong with a pocket stone!

We try our best to source directly from miners,  or other reputable suppliers that we have established good business relationships since the inception of MonkandMoon. We only want to share positive energy and good vibes with our crystal loving community.