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October Astrological Forecast - By Ines Heals

October Astrological Forecast - By Ines Heals

Monk and Moon Newsletter

Libra Season 2018

Virgo season served to refocus our energies and organize the separate moving parts that all need to come together to achieve maximum efficiency in our lives. The dutiful, sobering quality of Virgo creates from Leo playfulness a concrete and purposeful product that works to serve and enrich our individual lives in some way. With the Sun’s official entrance into Fall, marked by its crossing of the autumnal equinox into the sign of Libra, our inwardly focused attention is suddenly brought into the extroverted Airy energy of cardinal Libra, and we begin to assess and reassess the relationships we have in our lives. Although it is seen as the sign of marriage, Libran relationships are any close interpersonal relationships we actively participate in, including business partnerships and deep friendships. Our shifted attention towards these fusional matters of the heart is indicate by the planetary ruler of Libra, Venus.

Libra is the energy of bringing things into equilibrium and balance. The Justice tarot card comes to mind here, as we decide what laws govern our personal lives based on our value systems and what we require to feel consistent inner peace and harmony. Libra hands down divine justice to humankind, and our justice system is intended to be a mirror of divine law, working on the foundations of equality, universal love, liberty and progress (remember that Libra houses the polarity of Aries, the innovator and lover of freedom). On an individual level, it is our alignment to our value system in thought and behaviour that reflects our ability to connect to these Libran ideals. And with Venus’ retrograde period beginning October 5th, we are definitely being asked to recalibrate our relationship to these concepts within.

Venus retrograde calls us to re-flect, re-design and re-connect with all the Venusian themes in our lives. Feelings of scarcity vs. abundance are likely to show up in all these areas, including our relationships, finances, and ability to express our value system through the conscious decisions we make- especially related to how we are attracting the income that comes our way. Are we in active relationship to our attraction principle? Are we in vibrational alignment with the object of our desire? Do we live by our own law, which considers universal love as of upmost importance? These are all questions to deeply meditate upon from Oct. 5- Nov. 16th, the time during which Venus is retrograde.

 Lunar cycles

September 24th: Full Moon in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries makes two defining aspects: a conjunction to Chiron in Aries, and a square to Saturn in Capricorn. Full of cardinal energy, this Full Moon is a very active time of initiation, follow-through and restructuring of our approach to the expression of our authenticity as well as to how we design our interpersonal relationships. We are asked to take an active role in contributing to our most important relationships, and to get serious about what it takes to truly build a functional foundation for creating harmony with another individual. The extremes of both senseless compromise and violent rejection of compromise are at play here, and won’t let us get away without finding the middle ground. This time is about working to get what we want out of all areas of our lives that involve others, and the wounds that are likely to surface relate to our seeming inability to express authentically in certain relational dynamics. Instead of running away, look the wound for its medicine. The conflicts that arise are ripe with important realizations about the way we nourish ourselves and our relationships. 

October 8th: New Moon in Libra

 The New Moon in Libra comes forth just a few days after Venus stations retrograde in Scorpio. The skies are filled with Air during this time, making it ideal for everything that involves active communication and contemplation in order to arrive at an inner feeling of resolution. With the Sun-Moon conjunction in a square to Pluto during this time, we are definitely questioning the power structures of our emotional landscape. Are we able to make decisions fully consciously and unwaveringly, or do some of our most important decisions (often inter-relational) end up being made from an unconscious landscape of fear, trauma, and unresolved emotional pain? Venus’ retrograde period is a companion to the Mars retrograde that happened over the summer- instead of a reflection on how and why we do what we do, we are now being asked to consider how and why we receive what ends up coming our way. This is a deep recognition of the feminine principle in operation on a universal scale- the receptive function of life that always brings back to us what we express outwardly. Does your motivation to act create alignment with what you want to receive? Set your intentions for how you would like to more fully embody and unite with your desire nature to create positive result.


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 Ines Heals is an Esoteric Astrologer, Reiki Practitioner, and Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner based in Montreal, Canada. Her healing practice focuses on the development of profound self-knowledge to empower clients on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, so that they can move forward in alignment with their divine purpose and authentic life path. You can book an astrology reading with her or check out what other services and products she has to offer via and follow @ines.heals for daily guidance from the stars!


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