Crystals as Healing Tools in Accordance with the Principle of Vibration by Lune Innate

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Crystals, minerals and gemstones are beautiful, and we like beautiful things.  When brought into our homes or worn in jewelry they add elements of color and style to our day to day experiences. In addition to their ability to captivate us visually, crystals, minerals, gemstones and resins have been known throughout history to have properties which are less tangible such as being protective, calming, energy boosting, promoting of love, or ease in communication.

 As a practitioner of Reiki and other holistic healing modalities, I use stones in energy balancing sessions and personally find much joy in experiencing and learning of the unique properties of each mineral and gemstone. Often the question comes up as to “how do these crystals work?” There is copious amounts of research one can do on this question, and my response always ties back to the Principle of Vibration.  All things are constantly moving and vibrating at a specific frequency.  This is known as subtle energy, and everything on this planet has a subtle energy field.  When we interact with crystals there is an energy exchange that happens between our subtle energy fields, in which we are able to share energy and imbue or acquire energy from the crystals and minerals we interact with.

 Whether we look to the stars or deep within our cells we understand that everything is constantly in motion. The Moon revolves around the Earth which revolves around the Sun as it travels through space, turning days into night and dictates the changing seasons. Within not only our bodies but within matter in general, at an atomic level, everything is in motion, rotating. Held in its orbit, reflecting that of a solar system. 

Vibration is all around us, in the stillest of places. It very easy for us to identify sound with vibration. We can visualize the sound wave, or feel the vibration of a speaker.  We may easily overlook that all of our senses are interpreting vibration. Sight is the interpretation of the frequency of light. Sound the frequency of scent. Taste the of frequency flavor. Touch frequency of physical sensations. And when we can look at things from that perspective, that we’re basically out here navigating via these vibes, we begin to consider that we are, all day, interacting with energy... and it’s moving.  When we understand that there is a rhythm and motion to the universe, we can begin to apply these laws to our everyday life.  There is a reason for the saying "just go with the flow", the flow being this inherent motion of the universe.  Crystals and minerals are ancient participants of universal creation and are here to help us connect to flow of the universe.  They are the spirit elders of our planet and want to share their wisdom with us.

 Essentially, we as human beings have vibrations which shift and we can tell when we are in a “bad” frequency because it doesn’t feel comfortable. Days in which everything seems to go wrong or create stress are days we’re in a “bad” vibration. When in a vibration of love or peace, our days feel good even when there are “bad” happenings, because our frequency is “above” the stressful events which transpired. And when we apply the Law of Attraction to the Principle of Vibration it is understood that being in a “good” frequency will attract to you more “good” and the same applies to “bad”.

 [These are of course examples for simplicity’s sake, it doesn’t have to be about good and bad but more so of balance, clarity, lightheartedness, confidence, compassion, emotional stability, etc.]

Our vibration is in flux, we could start our day on one level and encounter a situation which causes us to “fall” in vibration by noon, and many time this creates a snowball effect. Our only redemption - going to bed.

Crystals, gemstones and minerals are tools which many consider to be hugely beneficial in stabilizing and lifting our vibration. Because a gemstone’s frequency is fixed and will never change, simply holding one in your hand will lead your energy to try and match that of the stone. Wearing gemstone jewelry or keeping one in your pocket is an ideal way to receive the benefits of the stone properties throughout the day. Personally I have grown so accustomed to wearing and carrying stones that I feel a noticeable difference on the rare occasion I am without.

These pieces do not have to be full of rainbows, highly pigmented, or water clear to hold properties which may serve you. Some of my most favorite stone buddies are very plain and have helped me enormously over the years.

While a myriad books, blogs, videos and other resources are available to help you choose a stone which may serve your needs, by describing to you what you may experience with a particular gemstone, it is you who will discern what this gem might be used for in your life. Carry one with you and notice your mood for the day. Did you feel energized or relaxed, easy going or detail oriented? Get to know each of your stone buddies personally by bringing them with you throughout your day or taking time to meditate with them. Cleanse them with sage if they are getting a lot of use and treat them to be bathed in moonlight when possible. Take care of your tools so that they may serve your highest good and enjoy the vibes.

With much gratitude,

Lune Innate

Lune is a Master Teacher level Reiki practioner, Certified Crystal Healer, YouTube content creator, Shamanic apprentice, and friendly face along your spiritual path.

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