Wintertime is here!

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Wintertime is magical.  The longer nights, the colder days, the urge to nest and contemplate on actions of the passing year, are always rituals that I look forward to in the winter months. 

Although the busy holiday season seems to approach quicker every year, I always find that the velocity of everyday life slows down, which always opens the door for deeper insight and reflection on the events, good or bad that transpired over the course of the year.

Contemplation and reflection are important tools in any spiritual journey, enabling growth and deeper understanding of self.  An important theme that has surfaced for me many times this year, is learning to have compassion for myself.  So many of us show such great compassion for other people in our lives, yet neglect to show the same type of love and compassion to ourselves.  Being compassionate is contagious, and the more we practice on ourselves, the better we become at having a compassionate view towards others.  Compassion fosters inclusion and connection, both of which help us come together to support one another.  The greatest gift that you can give someone is the act of compassion and love.

This is why I think wintertime is magical.  The longer and darker days of winter provide nourishment to our souls, as we dig deep within ourselves looking for our divine light, giving it fuel to burn bright!  Alright, and not to mention the lights, music, decorations and of course presents!  Who doesn't love presents? :)  

On a lighter note, I really hope that everyone has a fantastic holiday season, and you are able to celebrate it in a way that is meaningful to you and your family.  I will be listening to Christmas music, driving around looking at Christmas lights, searching for vintage Christmas ornaments, connecting with friends and family and most importantly, giving thanks for all the great things that have been and yet to come!

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