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We are starting out the year by launching our first crystal treasure box!  The contents of each box will be a curation of crystals, minerals and other items that correspond with a specific theme.  The theme for our first box is the color blue and new beginnings!

In our first box, we will explore the mystical qualities of the color blue through a curated selection of unique crystals and heart centered tools specifically chosen to assist with setting intentions for the new year and aligning with the higher self.

We have thoughtfully curated the following items that will be included in each box:

  • An art card that provides the metaphysical properties of each crystal
  • Fun fact sheet regarding the metaphysical properties of the color blue
  • (1) Blue scheelite crystal pocket stone from Turkey
  • (1) Natural aquamarine crystal from Bahia, Brazil
  • (1) Tumbled dumortierite crystal from Peru
  • (1) Natural baby blue aventurine crystal chunk from Mexico (New Find)
  • (3) Votive blessing candles with affirmations to help set intentions for the new year
  • (1) One ounce bottle of Palo Santo & Black Tourmaline Smudge Spray
  • (1) Astrological forecast for February
  • (1) Heart shaped intention card
  • (1) Free gift!
  • 11 items in total!

Our goal is to provide a one of a kind curated treasure box experience filled with unique and thoughtfully selected items.  Because we want each box to be special, we will be limiting the number of boxes each release to a maximum of 50.  Our boxes will also be sold on a first come basis, with no monthly subscription required.  The cost will vary each release based on the items that have been curated.

As we enter this new year, we wish you more magic and adventure in your life!

If you have any questions, please send us an email at:

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